Frequently Asked Questions

Why don't great products/services guarantee profitably?

You may have great products or services but are still experiencing difficulties in running your business profitably. Perhaps, it is due to increased competition, loss of a major contract, or uncontrolled cost. Whatever, the cause you are possibly facing the biggest crisis in your company's existence.

What is the proper mix to maximize company potential? 

Without proper planning and adequate financial resources companies do not achieve their growth potential. Great products and services are not enough in themselves to make your company prosper. Strategic planning, marketing, equipment, facilities human resources and capital are all required in the proper mix to maximize your company's potential.

What key elements decrease profit, cash flow and sales? 

Without the proper strategy, capital and management your company will realize the following:

  • Declining Profits
  • Negative Cash Flow
  • Poor Sales

These problems can result in the following:

  • Increased Indebtedness
  • Overdue Payables
  • Notes Called
  • Loss of Employee Morale
  • Business Failure

How can we create equity, solvency and morale?

Without a strategy, good management team, sound fiscal controls and proper capitalization, your business will not be able to return to financial soundness. This is the time your business needs experts to quickly assess the problem, propose creative solutions and help implement what's needed.

What expertise is needed for recovery and growth?

We can quickly help you get back on the "right track" so that you can concentrate on the core business and realize your full potential. With our expertise in building businesses coupled with our relationships with key service providers, we can help you in your entire recovery or growth to the "next level". 

Who provides fair, affordable terms for consultation?

Projects are performed on a fee for service basis, however, fee structures and terms are flexible depending on the requirements of the firm, length of time for the engagement and other relevant factors. The initial meeting is free-of-charge to determine the company's goals and objectives, see if they are attainable and if we are the right organization to assist the company in its' endeavor.

How you can retain business-specific remediation?

Specifically, we can:

  • Develop Strategic/Business Plans
  • Obtain Debt/Equity Financing
  • Engineer a Turnaround Plan
  • Institute Tight Fiscal Controls
  • Develop an M&A Strategy
  • Negotiate Debt Restructuring

What results can be expected based on past efforts?

The results of our engagement will be readily evident.

  • Increased Sales & Market Penetration
  • Improved Cash Flow
  • Greater Operating Efficiency
  • Proper Capitalization
  • Increased Earnings

What type of organizations benefit from this expertise?

  • Service
  • High Tech
  • Manufacturing
  • Colleges & Universities
  • Non-Profits




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