We provide clients with successful turnaround management and crisis intervention. While we offer a wide variety of business planning and consulting services, The Douglas Rogers Group focuses its services primarily on organizations requiring assistance in:


A company's decision to hire us is usually at a time when management, for whatever reason, has been unsuccessful in achieving profitable results on a consistent basis. Perhaps, the company may even be in a state of "free-fall" experiencing plummeting revenues, widening losses, and accumulating debt.

Whatever the conditions, each situation is unique, which requires creative solutions to the problem and a team that can implement those solutions to help recovery. No company, that is experiencing difficulty, is entirely void of assets that can be used to stop the bleeding and return the company to profitability. That is why, when The Douglas Rogers Group takes on an assignment, we will assess the current conditions as it relates to management, employees, products, services, marketing, equipment, facilities, and of course the financial state to determine which assets can be used to assist in the turnaround.

By working with existing resources we are simultaneously re-building all the essential components for a healthy business while mapping out a strategy for reversal of losses and recovery, which is ideally unique to the specific company. Our approach leads us through a five-phase process:

  1. Assessment of the current condition of the company, evaluating the resources, financial condition, and operational strength. The results of this assessment are analyzed to determine the potential future viability of the company and what steps must be taken to return the company to a profitable enterprise.

  2. Identify the various areas that need to be "tackled" and prioritize them with consideration to legal actions, significance on improving cash flow, major impact on reducing costs and any other factor relevant to a rapid recovery.

  3. Determine the action required for each area to accomplish the desired result. In some cases, this may involve the immediate direct intervention of an individual from our firm and in other cases the action may require integration with several management and staff from the company.

  4. Develop a longer-range strategic plan, which may include restructuring of the business, refinancing, divestitures of company units, revision of products and services, and a strategy for growth.

  5. Implement the long-range strategic plan, with defined goals and objectives and methods to measure the progress.


When certain factors in a company have proceeded to a point that will threaten its' very existence, a crisis has occurred. It may be a result of a note being called, foreclosure action, involuntary bankruptcy proceeding, loss of a major contract, death of a principal, or even a natural disaster rendering the existing facilities unusable. Or, it may be at the point where the company must file a bankruptcy petition.

This is the time when our firm can come in and take over the position of a Crisis Manager to solve the crisis facing the company. Our role can be in a number of capacities. As CEO in the event of an immediate vacancy of that position or to "take over the reigns" of the company to attempt to avoid bankruptcy, or to navigate the company through a Chapter 11 reorganization; as CFO to take over an immediate financial related crisis or function as interim CFO to assist the company through the crisis; or simply as a Crisis Manager to take over and resolve the task at hand.

Our firm has the experience to solve almost any issue. With our experience coupled with our network of attorneys, accountants, lenders and other specialists, your firm can be confident that the crisis will be handled in a proper and expeditious manner.


When it comes to financing there are a whole host of options, and related costs. If your firm is in a turnaround or crisis mode, the proper financing is an important integral part of the turnaround plan. Restructuring current debt and replacing certain debt with the right debt and/or equity can significantly improve cash flow on the short term and set up the proper financing for rebuilding your company.

Our relationships and knowledge will "bring to the table" professionals that understand your predicament and can quickly respond to your needs. We have cultivated relationships with:

  • Commercial lenders

  • Non-regulated lenders

  • Private capital sources

  • Venture capital sources


When a company finds itself in a situation of repetitive losses, usually its' obligations to lenders, vendors, and other sources of credit become seriously delinquent. The underlying causes of this situation can vary significantly and it takes a professional firm to analyze the effect and properly identify the causes.

Our firm is experienced in evaluating the company's management and financial reports and identifying the underlying causes that created the problems that exist. Every situation we encounter is a unique set of circumstances and does not require standard solutions. Instead, through our extensive experience working with a wide, complex array of situations, we pride ourselves in our ability to customize our approach to each individual company.

Our approach includes:

  • Analysis of Current Financial and Management Reports

  • Interviews with key management and personnel

  • Inspection of site conditions, operations and personnel

  • Restructure of operations, debt and financial obligations

  • Implementing new management and financial controls

  • Overseeing the growth of the recovered organization


A company's ability to successfully traverse through the complexity of economic conditions, competition, effective marketing and proper product mix, among others, requires a well thought-out plan. It has been said that, "Failure to Plan, is a Plan to Fail". A plan is necessary for your company to reverse negative trends and emerge stronger than before.

Our firm can assist you in this endeavor. We are specialists in analyzing every aspect of your company and helping you develop a plan that will make your company successful. With the right product mix, right pricing, cost-effective marketing campaign and proper financing, your company can achieve its' goals and objectives. Whether you wish to eventually turn over the company to your heirs or to take the company public, we will help to make sure that there is a substantial asset to accomplish your objective.

And in each of these areas, we are committed to providing highly creative and cost-effective professional services to help the under performing and troubled company resolve its crisis in the best way possible.




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